EP03 – Dezine (liquid drum & bass)

Dezine’s set was an absolute blast. Now working full-time under his own creative banner Dezine Studio, we were blessed that took a brief step out of “DJ retirement” to grace us with this mix of excellent drum & bass. From smooth, to gritty, and even quirky at times – Dezine shows us that D&B is in his DNA. I kicked things off with 30 mins of digidub, and we closed out with an old-school vinyl jungle remix from one of our favorite Super Nintendo games. Enjoy the YouTube video of Wheel:Radio EP03, download the music-only mix, or stream the show on MixCloud.

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Both a talented DJ and visual artist, Dezine brings something unique to the tables. You may know him from his residency at Hush, his incredible visual mapping work at clubs like Copper Owl, or his highly regarded recent Orilla tribute shirt. He’s a busy guy and we’re fortunate to have him. Tune in and hang with us live in the mix Sunday May 5th 12PM PST. Until then, enjoy some of his sets on MixCloud.

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