EP04 – Atma & Rhythmicon [fka. Chainsaw Sound] (drum & bass)

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This set with Atma was an absolute blast. The man dropped 40 mins of brilliant originals & remixes; it was inspiring to say the least. My og drum and bass vinyl set was completely spontaneous and I can’t even tell you how much fun I had with it. It had admittedly been a few years since I’d done an all wax set (The Big Reds @ sub|division) and it’s kicked my love for the medium back into gear. My wallet is already feeling the Discogs pinch. Special shout out to our homie Adrian for helping coordinate waffles and bacon while we were sorting through dubs and vinyl! Love these guys – this was a very special weekend for me.

Atma and I go back 20+ years. From recreating video game soundtracks in junior high on an Apple Macintosh, to releasing mixtapes (on actual cassettes) and throwing parties under our Chainsaw Sound banner, to collaborating on originals and remixes – music has been at the foundation of our friendship since day one. He’s held down DJ residencies, helped found the influential Vancouver Producer’s Forum and hosts an engaging live-gaming stream under Loot_or_Die on Twitch. Oh, and he has even more tropical houseplants than I do.

This weekend Atma’s going to be ferrying over a handful of dubs to play for us and I’m doing a special vinyl throw-back set with some of our favourite oldschool drum and bass that we grew up on. To say I’m excited for this Sunday doesn’t do it justice.

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