EP07 – OKPK (deep dubstep)

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Dan Godlovitch is a man of many talents. Two of his musical projects include performing and producing under his personal handle OKPK, as well as working as one half of the notorious Laggards duo (alongside the one like OLAV).

From organizing forward thinking dance parties with the Urban Therapy collective, releasing on the Low Indigo record label, producing local anthems such as Heart Talk (seriously if you haven’t seen it – stop and watch this video right now) and playing at Bass Coast 2018 – OKPK is uncompromising in his vision. For such a low key guy he makes a lot of waves, both sound and in our culture.

Come join us live as we play whatever the heck we want – this Sunday June 2nd at wheelradio.ca/live or twitch.tv/wheelsound.

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